I am a Beagle Breed Specialist judge via the UK Kennel Club judging system and are approved by the UK Kennel Club to award CC's in Beagles. The photo above is from Windsor Championship Show where I awarded my first set of CC's in the UK. I have judged Beagles since 2008 and All Breeds in New Zealand at Open Show level since 2018.


In March 2018 I sat the NZ Judges Association Open Show exam qualifying me

for the (Beagle) Breed Specialist and (All Breeds) Open Show panels.


I thoroughly enjoy judging and have had the pleasure of judging in the UK,

New Zealand and Australia.


I am currently on the following UK Beagle breed club judging lists:


# The Beagle Association - A1 List


# The Beagle Club - A1 List


# Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club - A1 List


# Four Counties Beagle Club - A1 List