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Our handsome boy "Bert" our first beagle and how we got into this wonderful breed. Bert has a huge personality from the day we collected him at 9 1/2 weeks old our lives changed forever. Bert is such super little dog who I wouldn't describe as typical Beagle in many ways but when it comes to food he is a very much a typical Beagle. Who if given the chance will raid the rubbish bin and empty the cupboards! He's a happy boy who loves to snooze on his snuggle ball or on our bed if he can get to it! He's very laided back is very much a house dog who enjoys his home comforts.


I first started training classes with Bert at 6 months old with the Earlsfield & District Dog Training Club, Bert was brilliant at Obedience work and picked up things very quickly which impressed our instructor. Bert quickly moved up through the classes from Class 1 to Class 3 within a year. He achieved his Bronze KC Good Citizen Award at 1 1/2 years old his Sliver award at 2 1/2 and his Gold award at 4 years old. Yes a Beagle that has the Gold KC Good Citizen award, quite an achievement!


Initially we started attending Companion Dog Shows when Bert was just over 1 year old to do the Obedience Classes, at his very first show at the Sheild Stables in Sheperton Bert won the Starters Obedience Class ( much to my surprise ). At the same show the organiser suggested I enter Bert in the Pedigree Classes as she thought he was a lovely looking Beagle! From then we never looked back with went to many Companion Dog Show's with Bert achieving 1 Best in Show and 2 Reserve Best in Shows, also winning many A.V Sporting and A.V Hound classes. This then lead us to join the Beagle Club and Beagle Association were we meet loads of Beagle people and have made some very good friends. In January 2005 we attended out first Drag Hunting Meet with the Beagle Club and we were hooked Bert took to it well and did quite a few runs on our first outing. We attended all of the 2005/06 meetings unfortunately Bert  hasn't yet quite picked up the idea of going right around following the line he does tend to run halfway around and come back. We are hoping this season he might catch on, it's a great day out with very nice people, lovely pub lunches and afternoon teas!


Bert's main love is Agility and when focused he's very fast and very acturate. We started Agility training with Bert around 2 years old with Capable Canines in Whitton which was a great start and trained to a very high standard. Bert is almost 11 years old now and very much enjoying his retirement. He's is most certainly a dog of luxury given the opportunity he’s very happy to be snoozing on our bed. He’s still very fit and loves to practice his obedience moves for biscuits ofcourse!


RIP Beautiful Boy we all miss you much xxxx


Charterwood Emery x Africandawns Play A Lot

26.04.2001 - 17.04.2015


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