Africandawns Liege

"Bert" was our first beagle and how we got into this wonderful breed. Bert had a huge personality from the day we collected him at 9 1/2 weeks old our lives changed forever. Bert was a super little dog who I wouldn't describe as a typical Beagle in many ways but when it comes to food he was very much a typical Beagle! Who if given the chance would raid the rubbish bin and empty the cupboards! He did teach us a lot about the breed being first time Beagle owners and it certainly didn't put us off having anymore, over the years our pack grew and Bert was always top dog!


RIP Beautiful Boy xxxx


Charterwood Emery x Africandawns Play A Lot

26.04.2001 - 17.04.2015


Pakowhai Beagles